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Is this day really here? We are finally done with the program and so thankful for the opportunity to be able to participate in the DMP. It certainly saved us from Bankruptcy which we wanted nothing to do with. This was a wonderful opportunity to “pay back” our creditors what they were owed. Not to say that this adventure was a totally easy one- chopping up our credit cards was almost nauseating, but worth it. What a sense of accomplishment. This program proves you can live without credit cards. Thanks to all at Consumer Credit and to Linda Cade- she is full of information. Thank you! 

Thank you so much for your quick response. I would like to take the time to express my gratitude for the service I am receiving, I am able to sleep soundly at night with no worries of getting my paycheck garnished due to my poor spending habits.  I have learned to shop with cash only and that, in itself, is huge growth for me!  The personnel I am able to see monthly are wonderful; I walk in the office, the remember my name, and bring a smile to my face - in reflection to the smile I am greeted with.  I am so grateful for this service!! Sincerely,

You all were so wonderful to work with. Thank you for all your help!

CCCS is fantastic. Their support and encouragement helped me get through this ordeal. Couldn't have done it without them.

I am so unburdened. Love it so much. What a blessing to have an agency that comes along side and is there for you! Thank you so very much

I recently experienced the need to engage in a counseling session in compliance with the regulations that accompany a Reverse Mortgage application.
As you may well understand, this type of transaction can place unwanted stress in your life.  I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover that your employees were top notch in both information and attitude; unlike the employees of other businesses you find yourself dealing with.  Linda and Lynn let me know from the beginning that they were there for me to assist with more things than I ever expected to need to know.  Since there is an intense volume of information to learn and impart there employees deserve an extra pat on the back for helping make it all clearer. I would like them to know how much I appreciate them having had the feeling that they really cares how it all turns out. 


Lynn, thank you so much for your help. I had been on the phone nonstop for 2 days and you were the only one to offer any help or advice. Thank you again for your help, you are a life saver. 

A client's comments to her caseworker:
"Thank you for sending me to Consumer Credit Counseling they are helping me with a debt consolidation plan. Now I will have money to live on again instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul every payday"


Hi Linda,
I wanted to let you know I appreciate all your help at our recent meeting.  Also I am happy to let you know that my credit score has gone back up.  657 with Experian. Yeah! 
I was able to remove the lien debt that was showing.
The credit card I recently obtained shows my credit to debt ratio of 70/30 after making payment of 1/3 the balance due.
No installment loans showing after my student loan consolidation with $0 monthly payments.
I am now back in the race for the Housing Authority of Jackson County Homebuyers Program.
With God willing, I may now be able to have my own home.
I will let you know my progress.
Hope you are having a great day. 
Thank you very kindly.


"Thanks again for your expertise and diligence in helping us get back on track.  It has been very satisfying watching the debts disappear one by one.  This program has been a huge blessing to us.  We are very grateful for the program and all who administer it.  Thank you!

When we were in deep trouble with all our credit cards maxed, overdue and in collection, Lynn was there. She calmly gave us a viable solution and has been there through the past two years to answer our questions, give advice and lessen our anxiety.  CCCS saved us and probably helped save our marriage and our home. Thanks for everything you do.

You helped me have the comfort of bill collectors not hassling me and I could afford the monthly payments. You have helped me along the way to help get rid of all my debt. I am now debt free thanks to you and years of service and hard work. Thank you .

It was very nice to only make one monthly payment and not have to worry about answering the phone only to have it be a bill collector. I recommend Consumer Credit to anyone that is behind. They are very pleasant to work with.

Thank you for all your help, patience and total understanding through this whole process. While it was lots of hard work to pay off my debt, my counselor & the staff made it easier and the journey well worth all the effort to complete. Thank you all so much!

"I wanted to thank you for being there when all else seemed to not be working. I will always be appreciative of the service you offer. I hope I do not need you in the future, but if things become overwhelming, I know you are there. I will suggest your services to anyone who is in need. Than you all at the front desk for being so pleasant and making me feel like I was not a loser when making my payments. Thanks Again "

Thank you for all your help, patience and total understanding through this whole process. While it was lots of hard work to pay off my debt, my counselor & the staff made it easier and the journey well worth all the effort to complete. Thank you all so much!

"Linda, Thank you so much for the time you took with us, and for all the valuable information that you shared. Meeting with you will make one of the biggest decisions in our lives a more and informed and successful endeavor. We feel more secure because of you. "

C.C.C.S. was one of the best things I have ever done.  I recommend anyone in debt to give them a call. They will help you. Signed: Happy & Debt Free

When I came to CCCS I was in debt with credit card bills and doctor bills. I was not yet delinquent, but I was well on my way. They set me up on a payment plan that was easy to manage and in time I had paid off numerous doctor bills that had been plaguing me for at least two years. I was able to save up some money and pay off my balance almost nine months early. The ladies were always so helpful and friendly. It made it that much easier to work with them.

I can't thank your organization enough for creating for me a very doable payment plan for my credit card debt. Today I completed my payment plan and it is such a relief and such a joy to have accomplished this goal. Your front office staff is always pleasant and friendly and helpful so it's been easy to come in every month and make my payment. Thank you for all your help- for making what I though impossible, possible!

Consumer Credit Counseling Service helped me take care of my credit card debt; everyone was helpful.
You guys were great. Thank you


Pam R from NM wanted to let me know how much she and her husband appreciated the quality of counseling she received from Lynn.  "She was so kind.  She made sure we understood everything and Lynn was very patient with us.”  YEA LYNN! 

I had a client today.  She was very pleased with our pre-filing bankruptcy counseling.  We discussed changes to her budget to keep her on firm financial ground after the bankruptcy.  She said “I got five new ideas just taking with you today”.  She also said she would recommend our service to her friends.  She indicated she had been concerned about the counseling and found it was very helpful to her and not anything to be afraid of.

From our first visit to our last payment almost 5 years later, everyone  has been more than helpful.  They absolutely bailed us out when we were sure no one could.  And as an added bonus, they were so nice about it and didn't make us feel stupid for the situation we had gotten ourselves into. Thanks will never be enough!!

I wanted to thank you and CCCS for helping to lessen the burden and stress of paying my medical debt. CCCS provides a very valuable service to our community.

CCCS has been so great. They gave me help when no one else would. I seriously do not know what I would have done without them. Every time I come in, they are friendly and they have a smile on their face. They feel like family. With their help I feel like I have a whole new chance at life. Thanks Again... 

Dear Mary-
I just wanted you to know I am working for Jackson County & I believe that what I learned from you & the steps you outlined for me to take made that happen. You were a very practical & helpful resource to me and I want you to know how much I appreciate the time & advise that you gave me. Thanks !


Thank you very much for making a stressful situation much easier.  I appreciate your kindness, knowledge and patience. May the service you offer to others be returned to you a thousand-fold.   


Thank you for your complete and honest counseling.  I feel I can trust your expertise.  I believe I made the correct decision so I can make the necessary improvements to my home.  Thank You

We received a very nice e-mail from a client regarding her meeting with her AARP Money Management volunteer, and thought we would share it with you.

"Good Afternoon Mr. Jones,
Yes we did have our meeting, I think it was on June 13th.  She (AARP Volunteer) is so nice and I really appreciate it that she is willing to do this for me.  I have struggled all of my life with paying bills on time, I suffer from ADD and I am a procrastinator really bad,  that is why I have never really wanted even a charge account.  I am the type of person that will say, I will do this on this date and the procrastinate and it does not get done and then I forget all about it.  So it has been a blessing to me to have someone like "AARP Volunteer name" that will do this for me.  You do not know how much I appreciate it, so I want to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!." 


From Client Receiving Reverse Mortgage Counseling-
"This really helped me in my situation! The pressure in my life is gone! The transition was smooth, very informative, and all my concerns & questions were fully answered. I felt protected at all time by the counseling & procedures.


From a thank-you note we received: "Thank you to a most wonderful staff, for helping keep me on track and making positive change in my life.  It's been a long road but I can now look back with satisfaction and feel good about myself and my credit." Sincerely

We were pleased to receive sound, understandable information (written and verbal) in a pleasant manner. 

Your team did a very good job to help us better understand the ins and outs of a reverse mortgage.

Consumer Credit Counseling was very helpful in making our decision on the reverse mortgages.  Thank - you

Mary Lucido (Counselor) was very helpful, patient, and understanding. I appreciated her help very much.


"We didn't know a credit card could get us into so much trouble.  Working with CCCS, we went from paying multiple bills, to just one.  It was like lifting a big burden off our chest.  We wouldn't be married and retiring today is it wasn't for CCCS.

I thought the counselors were well informed, and even though I have been in the RE (Real Estate) business and mortgage business for 30 years, I still learned a lot!  It was a good program for those not familiar with mortgages, reverse or forward.  

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